Weaving dreams since 1946

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Weaving dreams since 1946

Ferreira de Sá brings together design and craftsmanship to create unique and distinctive rugs

Founded in 1946, Ferreira de Sá Rugs is currently the biggest company in the production of hand-made rugs in Europe. From pure wool, to linen and botanical silk; only the finest materials are used for the production of a bespoke Ferreira de Sá rug. At Ferreira de Sá, design and craftsmanship come together to create unique pieces. From a luxury hotel lobby, to the floor of high-end stores, or even to institutional buildings and offices all across the globe, each carpet is a new story. At Ferreira their philosophy is to offer their clients the possibility of weaving their dreams and once in the factory, only their imagination is the limit.

Following conception in their design studio, manufacturing of their exclusive carpets and collections is done in manual looms; using ancestral weaving techniques: hand-knotting and hand-weaving, which are the most traditional carpet manufacturing methods of construction. They also specialize in the production of hand-tufted carpets and rugs, mixing traditional skills with innovative technologies that allow them to create distinctive pieces. This year at Downtown Design, Ferreira de Sá will showcase the works of noted designers, artists and architects.

Ferreira De Sa 2This Rug Collection composed of the trilogy Eudóxia, Zenóbia and Zirma was designed by the Portuguese architect and artist Ana Aragão. Named after the Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino, one of the references to her work, she invites you to a journey through the universe of the representation of cities and mental maps.

Ferreira De Sa 3Designed by well-known Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues “Gardens of Life” was inspired by the colorful lines and patterns of the traditional embroidered bedspreads from Castelo Branco. Rodrigues gave them a new interpretation and turned them into five exclusive tapestries.

Ferreira De Sa 4Created by the world’s most celebrated architect, Frank Gehry; The Frank Gehry Collection is an exclusive carpet collection that has been produced by Ferreira de Sá’s most talented and skilled artisans. This fabulous cooperation resulted in a perfect symbiosis of creativity, style and fine art.  The collection includes five vibrant and stunning different designs, as well as a remarkable sense of rhythm and depth that brings artistic value to the pieces.

Ferreira De Sa 5The Sea Minerals Collection, inspired by the deep ocean, it unveils the secret sparkles, shades and textures that can be found deep under the sea.

Ferreira De Sa 6Portuguese Nobel Prizewinner of Architecture, Álvaro Siza Vieira, has designed a line of ten carpets entitled “The Beauty of Function”. Inspired by forms found in nature, this line is a collection of colorful, expressive and abstract rugs with a contemporary design given by the expression of drawing lines.


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