ANIEME presents a handpicked selection of Spanish furniture and lighting brands for residential and contract markets that inspire and excite.

As the commercial centrepiece of Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design provides a platform for established and emerging design brands. The fifth edition of the fair will bring together over 170 brands from 25 countries, including a selected group of dynamic Spanish furniture and lighting companies with their exclusive new products for home and contract use.

The Spanish contingent, organized by ANIEME (Spanish National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters) and with the support of ICEX (Spanish Foreign Trade Agency), will include brands such as LUXDEMOB, KETTAL, POINT, SANCAL, SANTA&COLE, SKYLINE DESIGN and VONDOM. They will showcase wonderful collections for stylish outdoor lounge and dining spaces, unique lighting products, exclusive furniture pieces for luxurious ambiences, as well as avant-garde designs and solutions for the contract market.

The constantly evolving landscape of the Middle East brings a world of opportunities for Spanish design brands that wish to unlock their potential in the Middle East interior design market and establish new collaborations with the region’s architects and interior designers.

KETTAL, the luxury outdoor experience

A family-owned furniture manufacturer based in Spain, KETTAL produces high-end outdoor furniture which is timeless, elegant, environment-friendly and looks great indoors too. Designed by some of the biggest names in the international design scene, KETTAL’s furniture represents the contemporary culture and provides solutions to the emerging needs of modern life. Their outdoor range is made from natural materials that are weather resistant and incredibly stylish too.

LUXDEMOB, handmade jewel-furniture

Creativity, luxury, innovation and unique style characterize this series of jewel furniture pieces that claim to break with the status quo of the furniture sector. Specially conceived to brighten the project beyond the world of the ideas, LUXDEMOB is born to spread the concept of jewel-furniture and to declare the new era ruled by functional art; the kind of art that transcends aesthetics adding new value to luxury concepts.

At LUXDEMOB each piece is specifically created for individual customers. That means everything they create is unique and special, handmade to the smallest element and designed from zero according to customers’ desire.

POINT, paying homage to outdoor life

Led by the 3rd generation and with nearly 100 years of experience, the Valencia-based company has become a world leader in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and a pioneer in the use of braided fibre materials. The main key to their success lies in the perfect combination of design, tradition and innovation.

The Mediterranean roots are indeed a core value, and this is reflected in the selection of textures, materials and colours for their designs. 


SANCAL, design culture, innovation, personalization

Founded in the early nineteen-seventies by Santiago Castaño Carpena, SANCAL has taken a new turn over the past years to become one of the most interesting furniture companies in Spain. They work with world renowned designers and focus on innovative furniture and comfort unlike any other.

The brand has made a name for itself producing high-quality upholstered and occasional furniture for home, hospitality and contract use. All their creations feature a unique, timeless flair, with pure simple lines complemented by an unrivalled attention to detail. 


SANTA&COLE, good designs with meaningful stories to tell

SANTA&COLE is an international lighting and furniture brand with roots in Barcelona, Spain. Since 1985, they have collaborated with Spanish and internationally renowned designers, including Miguel Milá, Antoni Arolas,  Antoni de Moragas i Spà, Arno Jacobsen and Ilmari Tapiovaara, among others, in developing lighting and furniture products for the hospitality market, workplaces and for residential and urban projects.

SANTA&COLE’s design philosophy leans towards modern aesthetics rather than futuristic and post-modern trends. Interested in rationality and balance, in silence instead of stridency, they are particularly motivated by the fact that they are the standard-bearers of a fine sample of Spanish designs throughout the world. Large-scale installations of SANTA&COLE’s lighting can be seen in hotels, restaurants and public spaces across the world, and especially in Spain, throughout Europe and in the United States.


SKYLINE DESIGN, luxurious comfort under the skies

Founded in 1978, the firm has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of luxury outdoor furniture and since then their luxury outdoor furniture has become synonymous with impeccable quality. Every piece of SKYLINE DESIGN’s luxury outdoor furniture is hand made by highly skilled artisans in their factory, where they manufacture unique products by combining the most innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship.

All the SKYLINE collections are created using only the finest weaving materials such as Viro™, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene & Polystrand and 100% aluminium structure. These materials, as well as the fabrics and the plastic, wood and metal components are carefully selected for their ability to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity without deterioration.


VONDOM, a spirit of vanguard

The Valencia-based VONDOM is a leading company in the design and production of indoor and outdoor furniture. The key to their spectacular success is based on the design culture that inspires the company to create new collections that provide spaces with unconventional new dimensions.

Big names of the international design scene, such as Ramón Esteve, Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Javier Mariscal, among many others, are the best ambassadors of the VONDOM’s spirit. Sharing with the brand the same passion for shapes, culture, vanguard solutions and design, they have transformed each piece of furniture into an exclusively VONDOM mode of expression. The list is long and includes tables, chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, planters, sun loungers, daybeds, canopies, counters, outdoor rugs, lamps, benches, etc.


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