Since 1961, the Portuguese brand Pombo has created bathroom accessories that marry functionality with an urbane sensibility.

Agility, flexibility and variety in design, coupled with access to a vast production infrastructure empower Pombo to cater to the tastes of design professionals across Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

Understanding very early that design would become a cultural benchmark, Pombo dedicated itself to creating beautiful accessories that were functional, evocative and never boring,Careful selection of raw material, continued investment in manufacturing through technology, but more importantly in its talented workforce and an astute understanding of diverse cultural, space and aesthetic preferences, help Pombo lend warmth and emotion to its offerings.

Their latest collection Luxis and its variations Luxis-Inca, Luxis-Tupi and Luxis-Nilo, are fine examples of the Pombo philosophy. Combining elegance and originality with the functionality of the product, the Luxis collection allows within its distinguished design, for flexible use.

Brass, copper and vibrant fabrics made from recycled fibres underscore the brand’s commitment to refined materiality and environmental protection.

For this award-winning brand, the human aspect of their business it as at the heart of all that they do. From creating singularly beautiful works that are a visual feast for the senses to investing in the well being of the people who make them, Pombo is in a league of its own.


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Pratyush Sarup, a Dubai-based Consulting Editor and Journalist specialising in architecture, design and art, is one of the most regarded analytical authorities on design in the Middle East. Follow him on Instagram @pratyush.sarup.