The Dubai based kitchen appliances and accessories company Metallica Appliances presents the Italian super brand Barazza.

With almost fifty years of refinement backing this household appliances brand, exceptional design, modernity and commitment to bio-sustainability are integral to Barazza’s success.

Modern or contemporary, small or large, linear, corner or island style kitchens, Barazza proposes a series of coordinated kitchen appliances and sinks to satisfy the most demanding design professionals and home owners.

Celebrating the finer aspects of minimalism – proportion and materiality, their elegant systems of ovens, hobs and sinks, endow value and personality to any contemporary kitchen. From an eye for detail to perceptive command over the ergonomics of the kitchen, all Barazza collections are products of scrupulous R&D carried out exclusively at the company’s creative core, their in-house laboratory.

With the ability to create endless shapes in steel, and with the know-how of their ‘Made to Measure’ team, Barazza’s unusual and extremely exclusive design solutions are achieved by combining custom-built cooking and washing elements with personalised finishes.

The entire production process is performed using new generation technological systems, which are key to the company’s ultimate mission: the creation of high-quality, ergonomic kitchen appliances that make cooking an infinitely pleasurable act.


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Pratyush Sarup, a Dubai-based Consulting Editor and Journalist specialising in architecture, design and art, is one of the most regarded analytical authorities on design in the Middle East. Follow him on Instagram @pratyush.sarup.