A balance between tradition and modernity, Illulian’s fine rugs exemplify time-honoured skills of the art that is rug making.

A passion for the rare and exceptional runs in the DNA of this family-run company. Founded in 1960, Illulian has come to represent the exclusive benchmark in the field of antique as well as luxurious contemporary rugs.

Found in museums, prestigious hotels, luxury yachts and private residences, Illulian carpets are worked by hand by nomadic Tibetan shepherds with generations of experience in fine crafts.

Six categories characterize Illulian’s extensive production and creative capabilities. In keeping with the latest fashion trends, Design Collection offers a modern proposal, balancing the more classical Palace Collection. Inspirations from the sea and the playground inform the Marina and Kids range respectively. Partnering with an international roll call of artists and designers, their most exclusive contemporary works, the Limited Edition, bears the personality of its celebrity creators.

Reserved for the most ardent and informed collectors and designers, rare Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Caucasian, Indian, Kilim and Sumak rugs compose the enviable Antique Rugs Collection.

The Illulian Design Studio allows for absolute personalization of their carpets, working with the client to create proposals that meet their exacting taste and requirement. Their stringent design process is matched by the experience and passion of exceptional master weavers.


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Pratyush Sarup, a Dubai-based Consulting Editor and Journalist specialising in architecture, design and art, is one of the most regarded analytical authorities on design in the Middle East. Follow him on Instagram @pratyush.sarup.