A highlight at Downtown Design 2023, Casa Milano showcased the ultimate bathroom experience.

Presenting the culmination of their design challenge titled ‘Talking Walls: Reimagining the Bathroom Experience,’ the Casa Milano space at the 2023 edition of Downtown Design was a show stopper.

This inaugural design challenge invited six talented teams of budding junior interior designers from leading studios and firms in the UAE, mentored by senior colleagues, to create groundbreaking bathroom designs, responding to a randomly chosen word to develop a unique bathroom design.

Announced as the winning team of the ‘Talking Walls Design Challenge’, Kristina Zanic Consultants created their design concept around the challenge word to create a harmonious bathroom, and were awarded a trip to Europe, where they will have the opportunity to explore Spain's rich tile culture and gain invaluable inspiration from the intersection of tradition and innovation in design. 

Receivers of the award for the design sustainable concept, LW Interiors shaped their bathroom design inspired by the word ‘Bold’, while CK Architecture brought the word ‘Vibrant’ to life in their bathroom design concept, which they received the ‘Best Presentation’ award for. 

Unveiling the grounded bathroom concept, crafted around this chosen word, Designsmith were the recipients of the People’s Choice award. 

Ele Interior had created their luxurious bathroom design, inspired by the chosen word ‘Cosy’, while Bishop Design shaped their bathroom design concept around the theme ‘Timeless’.

All six mockups were built in full and showcased to visitors of the Downtown Design fair, within the immersive Casa Milano space which simultaneously presented the latest ranges of high-end European brands, including Ideal Standard.