Marset creates refined, contemporary and playful atmospheres through masterful lighting design.

This Spanish lighting manufacturer is genuinely concerned with improving its clients’ quality of life. With characterful design, impeccable finishing and clever material applications, Marset sparks its audience’s senses and unobtrusively illuminates their lives with the most poetic designs.

The Christophe Mathieu-authored Piola collection wraps light in a fluid, ribbon like exoskeleton. A central metal column holds more than 5 meters of spiralling, laminated band, enveloping, protecting, and sifting the light for beauty and comfort.

Created by designer and ceramist Xavier Mañosa, the new Pu-erh collection is distinguished for its fluid use of ceramic. A worthy successor of the iconic 2011 Pleat Box light (also by Mañosa), Pu-erh expresses the simplicity of the artisanal process; the craftsman barely intervenes, letting the lamp take shape naturally within the mould.

Recipient of the Red Dot Award 2016, FollowMe is a table lamp on the go. Because of its small, warm, and self-contained character, this portable and rechargeable lamp is ideal both indoors and outdoors. With a beautifully proportioned oak handle, it almost looks like a personal accessory.

Through technical precision and creativity, curiosity and a constant quest for new directions, Marset delivers thoughtful design with simplicity and authenticity.


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Pratyush Sarup, a Dubai-based Consulting Editor and Journalist specialising in architecture, design and art, is one of the most regarded analytical authorities on design in the Middle East. Follow him on Instagram @pratyush.sarup.