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Family owned; Italian brand Lealpell brings a collection of luxury leather goods to Downtown Design

Founded by Giussano da Learco and Alessandro Ballabio in Italy, Lealpell has been in the business of leather for over 40 years. In 1984 the original founders were joined by their sons Giovanni and Daniele, who since 2000 are fully managing the company to this day.

Lealpell 1The brand supplies more than 1,700 different shades of leather including some that are fireproof, made for outdoor use and machine washable. Lealpell also offers clients a huge collection of "fantasy" articles characterized by a strong innovative feature, with the ability of customization.

Lealpell 2With brands such as Armani, Fendi and Bulgari on its client list, Lealpell is industry-respected for its high level customer service as well as its ability to supply customers within 24-hours and in bulk.

Lealpell 3Lealpell’s showroom experience (in the Lombardy region of Italy) is one not to be missed: offering the full collection divided into 50 different base categories all mounted on easels to avoid folds and creases, and an option to view a stuffed version of each of the different leather types, which can then be taken to different rooms to view in different light settings.


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