Precision, speed and flexibility in the kitchen

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Precision, speed and flexibility in the kitchen

Synonymous with exclusive culinary culture, Gaggenau returns to Downtown Design with the regional debut of “flex induction cooktops”

German brand Gaggenau is the leading brand for domestic appliances and pioneer in innovation and design. It success is attributed to the use of advances in technology and clear design language paired with perfect function. The brand has continued to set new standards in the private kitchen sector with its award winning products. Synonymous with exclusive culinary culture, the brand was founded in 1683 by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden.

Celebrating their 666th anniversary last year, Gaggenau returns to Downtown Design with the debut of their latest line, “flex induction cooktops”. 

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The flex induction cooktops offer unprecedented precision, fast and flexible cooking paired with low energy consumption. The efficiently integrated ventilation system help remove the distraction of having to monitor the air quality. Available in air recirculation or air extraction mode, the user can determine their own power level based on the vapor detected in the atmosphere and can continue when no longer being used. The range also enables chefs achieve perfect results and precision cooking. The energy efficient, powerful motors work in tandem with airflow ducting to ensure minimal volume of both noise and space, but maximum effectiveness: 85 percent of odors are removed during air recirculation thanks to the activated charcoal filters, allowing for complete concentration on cooking.

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To ensure flexibility in the kitchen, the flex function in the cooktops combines individual cooking areas so that large items of cookware can be used comfortably. The professional cooking function is ideal for frying, simmering or making sauces. It divides the cooktop into three pre-set heat areas so cookware can be easily moved for a swift transition from boiling to simmering. These heat areas can also be individually defined – as in professional kitchens. The booster function allows to temporarily raise the power from 2200 W to 3700 W for truly searing heat, ensuring flexibility along with strength.


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