Innovative design for individual work spaces

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Innovative design for individual work spaces

Taking a fresh approach to office design, Bene creates positive, enjoyable workspaces

Bene defines the office as a living space and its concepts, products and services turn this philosophy into reality. Combining a 227 year heritage of quality design with award-winning innovation they focus on implementing individual requirements that reflect their customer’s vision in every design space. 


The Cube_S product range is the new solution for fixed workstations in compact office layouts. Whilst offering comfort and sophisticated workstation organization, these workplace modules are customizable to integrate individual needs. The desired visual and acoustic screening allows targeted control with varying cabinet heights.  In addition enabling concentration and focus without renouncing the need for teamwork. The storage elements can also be configured to four settings: “ Bridge”, tower units or lateral cabinets; “Cluster”, large-volume storage space ensuring privacy; “Cross”, star shaped form and “Spine”, mutually attached module cabinets for double storage space. 


True to its name, FRAME_S is an intelligent system made of frames and storage elements that can merged into any space to create well organized workstations. Not only does it serve its purpose to add structure to the room and provide for privacy with personal organization but is also formative and striking in design. These freestanding modules can be arranged side by side or paralleled. Consisting of two half sections, it creating three different frame widths – all at one set height. The frame also features rows of shelving holes.


Named after its phonetic similarity to the word “timber”, TIMBA uses wood as its key characteristic design element. The slightly tapered legs of the table made from solid oak are connected to a frame of shaped wood which is varnished in platinum or anthracite. The high quality, natural material gives an impression of appreciation, stability and warmth. The multi-functional “turntable” positioned in the center serves as a decorative storage piece and also allows users to connect any equipment to the table. The TIMBA can be customized to each customers liking based on finish, shape and turntable options. 

Docklands Dock In Bay 

The ultimate private retreat, the Dock-In bay is an anchor point in a mobile work environment. As a shared private space, they offer a temporary, alternative workspace for an individual to ensure focused work. Their appealing design, combined with the acoustic and visual screens, ensure a high level of comfort while working. The Dock-In Bays offer a wide range of uses for space planning and structuring without interfering with the building's structure.


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