The beauty of simplicity by Snaidero

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The beauty of simplicity by Snaidero

The renowned Italian kitchen brand presents its new collection ‘Look’; an expression of minimalism and contemporary design.

With its large volumes, essential lines and sharp aesthetics of panel doors; Snaidero’s new collection system Look has a solid presence and is the kitchen of choice for connoisseurs of minimal and contemporary design set off with exquisite finishes.Snaidero 1Minimal look - the beauty of simplicity

Look is a modern and sophisticated concept, striving to capture the beauty of simplicity. With this line, Snaidero has captured how to do more with less, creating beauty with few distinctive and highly functional elements. Handle-less panel doors, recessed finger pulls, new living details combined in multiple ways, volumes and materials are combined to create a unique, tailor-made style.Snaidero 2Recess design

The essential minimalist design emerges through the handle-less panel doors and recessed finger pulls. The smooth, squared panel doors have concealed stainless steel rails protecting them when opening. The finishes on the finger pulls, which are horizontal for base units and vertical for wall units, come in six different finishes. Details like this show the precision construction and craft of the cabinets.  Snaidero 3Wooden tops - room to work

One of the distinctive features of Snaidero’s new design is the wooden work top which can be placed over base units or used as a free-standing work surface. It is an independent surface with adjustable height and width, making it the ideal element for a custom design. Designed as a multi-functional space it can be used to cook, work, eat and make the most of the kitchen.Snaidero 4Open cabinets - freedom of design, tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made elements that give freedom to choose and build the kitchen to individual needs, Look is a system that incorporates fluid elements to open to your living space like the open wall and island cabinets making for flexible, functional solutions. The new wall shelves with strips along the front and side edges free up space and make for a more informal kitchen experience.Snaidero 5Exclusive decorative details

Minimal details give personality to the Snaidero kitchen and bring to life the conceptual aesthetic: new decorative strips in each finish have been introduced for both base and cupboard units, adding a special touch to the design. Snaidero 6Comfort in the kitchen

Snaidero’s new units are available in varying heights and lengths, for a kitchen that will always fit around the user. Look can be designed with a plinth of 6 or 10 cm in height, or wall-mounted at a height of 10 and 23 cm from the ground, for a more ergonomic setting.

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