Rivalto by Arte Veneziana

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Rivalto by Arte Veneziana

A point of reference in luxury furnishing that combines Venetian craftsmanship with sophisticated contemporary taste; Rivalto debuts at Downtown Design

The Rivalto collections, made with exceptional quality material and finished with traditional decorative techniques are based on a total living idea that aim at offering a complete selection of furnishings, from chests to chairs, bathroom cabinets and chandeliers. Rivalto originates from the collaboration of Arte Veneziana, owned by the Zanin’s family, with the architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri. 

A blend of ancient craft tradition, excellence in glass and mirror processing interpreted in one of a kind pieces for design and furnishings of interior luxury gives the brand its uniqueness. Rivalto not only designs their pieces but also customizes them to suit every project whether it is residential or hospitality.

Here is a selection of their exclusive tailored collections specially crafted for home projects:

Arte 1

Door Orangerie designed by Giovanni Luca Ferreri is handmade with fretwork in a floral pattern adorned with antique hand-engraved mirror. The chandelier also designed by Giovanni has LED lights with rings made of extraclear tempered glass and structured in black-chromed brass. 

Arte 2

This precious and elegant maple wood customizable walk-in closet is made of a regular succession of black shiny and matt varnished surfaces. Handles made of hand blown Murano glass for the door are engraved with peach flower motifs. The frames are hand-bevelled and engraved with drawers and top storage doors having an automatic opening system. 

Arte 3

In the Rivalto home, the kitchen is a stylish and sophisticated space where glass is once again the protagonist in the details, surfaces and contrasts. Each kitchen by the brand are individual and never the same with the design being tailored to the needs of each home leaving every space unique.

This kitchen is made of antique and matt-varnished oak with a chrome brass finishing accessories with hand blown Murano glass inserts. The top and surfaces are made of white Calacatta marble and details in the kitchen are enhanced by lightly antiqued mirror with engravings. 

Arte 4

Also designed by Giovanni Luca Ferreri, Rivalto is the author of bathrooms that show a new way to imagining their furniture: through an amazing combination of lights and reflections that create a relaxing and healthy atmosphere for mind and body.

In this bathroom the perimetral walls are covered by wooden listels made of natural and solid oak with matt finishing. The wall is further outlied with elements made of stainless steel and extra clear glass with LED lighting. The bathtub is a cantilevered glass wash cabinet with a lagoon effect giving a feeling of the separation of a smaller water body from a big one.

The pentagonal chandelier has 3 levels with 15 lights in handmade crystal glass with cast glass decoration and is structured in shiny chromed brass. The Mirror “Louis XIV” is hand bevelled and engraved in 18th century Venetian style.

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