A playful immersion into light, Preciosa’s new stopper welcomed visitors to the fair. 


Comprising nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber, clear and pink frosted hues – stretching eight metres in diameter – the installation invited guests to wander through the strings of pearls, with the lights above illuminating and fading away as they moved through.

The carousel’s platform – a minimalist’s interpretation of a fair ground carousel - rotates too, creating a shared experience for visitors, who could choose to walk through on their own or allow the carousel to move them through the lights.

“We are incredibly honoured to receive tremendous positive feedback on our recent installations,” says Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting. “When we presented the Breath of Light at Downtown Design last year, we broke many barriers between ourselves and our core audience. This year, with Carousel of Light, we hope to bring back joyful childhood memories.”

The Carousel of Light, is based on Preciosa’s signature design, Pearl Curtain. Inspired by the gentle movements and folds of a rich, luxurious fabric, such as the draping or layering of curtains. It suggests something is behind – an object of curiosity perhaps – creating a sense of wonder and anticipation. The design presented an opulent geometrical impression, whilst maintaining a resolutely contemporary style that was truly interactive.

“What we keep hearing from people over and over is that the images and videos don’t do the real installation justice,” says Michael. “The feelings and emotions the actual experience creates cannot be transported via media. It is the joy of life to experience such moments and there is no digital substitution.”