Downtown Design is launching an exhibition dedicated to the Middle East’s most talented Arab designers.

The Musk and Amber and Harper’s Bazaar International Regional Design Exhibition, which will be curated by Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed, President of Musk & Amber Heritage and co-owner of Musk and Amber Gallery in Tunisia, will feature an exquisite collection of pieces that are exhibited under the same roof for the very first time. Designers from Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iran and Tunisia will present their personal reinterpretations of Arabic aesthetics, spicing up traditional motifs with a contemporary twist that promises to thrill design connoisseurs from the global design scene.

“It is important to promote our talented designers and support them as they become known on the international stage”, says Ben Ayed. “Downtown Design is the ideal place for them to showcase their designs, meet potential buyers and network with global industry leaders. At Musk and Amber Gallery, we believe the design industry and these creative entrepreneurs play a very important role in securing the future of our economies and creating jobs for our talented youth.”