It is a ten-step process, most of which follows in the time honoured traditions of tile making, but it is in their negation of the typical kiln baking, that Mosaico set the bar for eco-conscious manufacturing within their industry.

At their production facilities in the northern emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, Mosaico creates bespoke steel moulds that reflect the client’s chosen design. These moulds work in a manner akin to a household cookie cutter, ultimately rendering the design to fruition.

Colour slurries that will be poured into the moulds are prepared by mixing inorganic pigments such as iron, cobalt and chromium oxides, cement, marble powder and water. Proportions are precisely governed to guarantee colour consistency and uniform distribution.

Each tile is build layer by layer and once all the different layers of the tile are in place, the hydraulic press unifies them into a single piece.

Before the tiles can anoint your project, they are air dried, then soaked in water to guarantee proper cement hydration.

Mosaico works with their clients to create bespoke designs and colour ways to compliment the overall design scheme of the project. With stringent quality control in place, the tiles lend character in a manner only artisanal making can.

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