Craftsmanship Meets Innovation. At Nalbandian Carpets, heritage and innovation have always been at the heart of their creations. The brand's dedication to preserving the art of carpet weaving is unwavering, but they also recognize the importance of evolving with the times. This year, Nalbandian Carpets are taking their commitment to innovation to new heights by partnering with Nomadk Studio, a cutting-edge architecture firm and design studio known for pushing the boundaries of creativity. Kevin's design philosophy centres around the idea that design should enrich lives and elevate experiences. His creations are more than just objects or spaces; they are stories waiting to be told, emotions waiting to be felt, and experiences waiting to be cherished.

Designing the Future, One Thread at a Time. Serge Nalbandian and Kevin McLachlan have set out to redefine the concept of carpet design. The result is nothing short of spectacular – graphical forms that transcend traditional boundaries, creating absolute special designs that bridge the past and the future. This collaboration challenges conventions, exploring how technology can be harnessed to breathe new life into a time-honored craft.