On the occasion of Dubai Design Week 2023, the encounter between Dedar, Popus Editions and Édition 1.6.9 sees the contemporary design of the Italian textile editor and the French furniture and rug companies dialogue with each other within a collaborative and innovative showcase.

Reverie invites to immerse in a refined space where the brands’ pieces come to life in a play of vibrant and lively colors and patterns.The collaboration combines Dedar textiles, Popus furniture pieces and Edition 1.6.9. rugs and carpets transforming an idea into an eclectic space that marvels and explores the tactile and chromatic elements. Here comes to life a language that is both aesthetic and emotional: expressing a bold, free-wheeling and joyful personality, the showcase conveys joie de vivre through brightcolors and shapes awakening the idea of comfort and cheerfulness. Together, the elements create an elegant atmosphere that tells of Italian and French savoir-faire, joy of living and freedom of expression.