Atlas concorde is one of the leading global brands in the production of ceramic surfaces, with a strong vocation for design and architecture. Parent of the Concorde Group, the top Italian holding company in the industry, the company produces excellent ceramic materials for floors, walls, furnishings, worktops, and outdoor spaces, fully responding to the needs of modern international design.

Atlas Concorde's products span a wide variety of styles and needs and are always able to offer the most suitable solution for each specific demand. Private and public spaces, commercial properties, hospitality venues, indoor and outdoor areas: we offer the ideal solution for every need.

At Atlas Concorde, innovation means investing in the most advanced technology, building a plant with sustainable energy consumption, having one of the most advanced logistics centers, and an internal Design Lab for developing new materials and surfaces. But it also means combining the legacy of an ancient “artisanal know-how” with maximum industrial efficiency, to respond to the most authentic concept of Made in Italy.