ALEEYA. design studio (“A.”) is a Karachi-based design practice for Architecture founded by Aleeya Khan, a Columbia University trained Architect aiming to transform her nation via minimal, modern, and sustainable design.

In a world where change is the only constant, ALEEYA. design studio is a firm driven by evolution – evolution in spaces, in materials, in objects, and in light. Using design as a means to evoke the senses, they create atmospheres, continuously experimenting with solid and void.

In early 2023, Aleeya founded A* alittlemore studio as a means of furthering her regional impact as a design leader. By expanding her firm’s capabilities beyond architecture and space design, Aleeya envisions A. and A* as a design house, working in tandem to provide complete design solutions imbuing a refined aesthetic sensibility into every aspect of life. The studios work as a design collective providing turnkey solutions that give your space character, your brand expression, and your life color.