Wilson Associates celebrated diversity with their concept for this year’s bar.

Seeking to redefine the influence of the creative industry by designing projects that enrich the human experience, Wilson Associates used this opportunity to instigate dialogue within the region’s design community, conveying the power of the individual to drive change.

Translated into a distinct design language, the community-based message paved the way for a microcosm of local ideas and materials blended together to create a socially conscious pop-up experience.

A sequence of design elements layered the guest’s journey as visitors moved from the bar to its outdoor terrace. Placed at angles, the serving stations created pockets of interaction that brought people together. Large scale, suspended features anointed the area with colour and light.

Inspired by the mission of driving change through a collective of voices and actions, the bar explored simple messages of camaraderie and collaboration. Leading names in design were invited to contribute a singular element or service. These include: Bolon, Edges Trading, Ege, Electra, EMKAY, Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, Interior 360, IWAN MAKTABI, Kens & Company, Kvadrat Maharam, Lasvit, Mirodec, Ofis, Preciosa, Sancal, Squisito, Studio Mark, and Tarrab Trading.