Celebrating the 10th edition of Downtown Design, a thematic experience paid tribute to the beauty and necessity of our natural surroundings, bringing elements from the outdoors to indoor, through the fair’s public spaces. 

Weaving references from nature with a focus on principle natural elements: the sea, skies, soil and verdant abundant landscapes, emphasis on how the great outdoors and natural materials can be ever-present and an integral part of our lives including our indoor living spaces, both for the betterment of the planet and for our everyday wellbeing, will be brought into the dialogues and activities of the overall 2023 programme.

Light Gazing

This year’s headline installation created by Light & Lives and Ultra Arte, took shape as a captivating outdoor feature that prioritized sustainability as a core element; a reflection on the relation between the flexibility of design and nature, with a particular focus on sunlight movement, vs artificial illumination.

Solaire LOUNGE -
Cellar in the Sea

Designed in collaboration with UAE based design studio C’est ici and themed around the element of water with specific immersive references to the sea, this year’s main lounge and terrace nodded to Veuve Clicquot’s ‘Cellar in the Sea’ programme and the intervention of nature.


The Forum 2023 was set in a cloudscape concept by Intercon, a symbol of imagination and creativity, iterated as a modular, intimate setting that promotes dialogue and open exchange.


Looking to the Earth itself, The Café concised a concept to emphasize our soil, vegetation, stone and composite.

Carved in the now

A stimulating entrance experience, designed by AB+ AC Architects, incorporating a unique integrated multi-sensorial walk-through installation experience, that showcased the beauty of mosaic in a new light, sponsored by Fantini Mosaici.