At this year’s Downtown Design visitors can explore an array of organisations and collectives, both locally and globally, staging creative exhibitions and pop-up concepts during this year’s fair.

In a pop-up by Sharjah Architecture Triennale titled ‘Re-Store’, visitors to Downtown Design can explore a range of functional products made with recycled materials by local and regional designers, such as Guillaume Crédoz (Bits to Atoms), Mohamed Rowaizak and Nour Kayswhile; TRAME Paris will offer access to affordable, limited-edition works by some of the most sought after designers on the international stage, from Arthur Mamou-Mani to Amandine David. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Isola Design will stage a pop-up exhibition of unique pieces inspired by architecture and craftsmanship, featuring over 10 international designers, including names such as Nayef Francis Design Studio.

Berlin-based hvíla editions will be presenting a cherry-picked selection of works including one-of-a-kind pieces for the home by artists and designers from around the world including Korean craft artist Setbyol Oh, sculptor and designer Steven Haulenbeek from Chicago and British arborist and artist Robert George.

The Art Jameel Shop returns to Downtown Design, this year offering a curated selection of works ranging from exclusive commissioned products by local and regional artists and designers, such as BORGI BASTORMAGI Studio, and limited-edition ceramics to a variety of children's products and a selection of art, culture, and design publications.

From sustainable to collectible design, these pop-ups and exhibitions will have something for all visitors alike; top-tier design professionals, HNWIs and public visitors looking to discover, buy or commission.