This study seeks to present a realistic vision of how future working environments will evolve to support a more holistic and sustainable working life for all. 

The world today is in a state of delicate balance - between sustainability and advancing technology, the natural eco-systems, and the acceleration of urbanisation, all the while trying to maintain our healthy existence on the planet.  The recent Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated just how delicate this balance is.   COVID-19 has compelled businesses globally to implement work from home strategies to ensure the safety of their employees and continuity of business. 

The design team at SSH is currently trying to understand the impact that work from home has had on the day to day life of employees and businesses.  The team will assess their findings considering social, environmental, economic and cultural influences which will allow both designers and business owners to develop strategies and design solutions that provide a harmonious work-life balance. 

To help SSH with this study, Downtown Design invites you to share your experiences of working from home via this survey that takes less than 3 minutes. 

Key findings from the survey will inform this study to develop ideas that can ensure that our future built environment addresses the issues COVID-19 has presented.  “We hope it will encourage designers, brands, clients, and end-users to be more collaborative and forward-thinking; thereby instigating new and diverse methods of working with the over-arching mandate for everyone to feel safe” says David Daniels, Director of Architecture, SSH. 

Through key partnerships and relationships, SSH will present the findings to the wider community, to inspire, inform, and invigorate those in empowered positions to take positive steps in implementing change at the workplace.  

The last day to submit feedback is 24 May 2020. Submit your feedback here.