The Mexican studio envisions an eco-sensitive resort in the heart of the UAE desert.

Inspired by the anatomy and adaptability of desert organisms, Mexico-city based Aidia Studio have designed an adaptive desert pod complex with a retractable structure that can transform itself according to the time of day, the climate and the needs of its guests.


The design is influenced by desertic cacti species that feature thick outer skins and fins that diffuse heat and solar radiation. Designers Rolando Rodriguez-Leal and Natalia Wrzask translated the concept through sixty articulated shading panels which create a dense lattice to shelter the cabin. When the panels are completely unfolded, the complex blends in with the surrounding environment and becomes imperceptible to wildlife. The external skin can contract and retract depending on the sun, creating a self-shading cover.

Each pod can be built from 30 prefabricated modules that can be easily configured to create a self-supporting structure. With the modular shading panels intended to be manufactured off-site, the construction process is intended to be quick, with minimal environmental impact. 

Inside, the pod offers a spacious open plan suite overlooking its rugged desert landscape. Sustainable materials such as certified wood and organic fabrics in natural colour tones are proposed to blend the resort with its surrounding environment. The resort’s location and overall configuration was planned to amplify the beautiful views of the expansive night sky.

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