In a nod to our cosmopolitan region, Middle Eastern design studio Rejo present furniture inspired by the beauty and strength in diversity.

Founded in 2017 by Reem Olyan and Jumana Qasem, Rejo is a contemporary design studio with roots in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Palestine Known for their unique and bold pieces that combine the simplicity of the abstract lines and shapes with artful gestures and fine material, Rejo’s collections are rooted in concepts of identity and influenced by their environment.

This year, Rejo presented their new collection ‘Hug’ that was inspired by the designers’ time in quarantine.

The collection represents a time to reflect and reconnect, featuring a chair and bookcase that invoke a sense of solitude. Each piece is an antithesis of each other, wherein the armchair represents an oasis of calm and comfort, while the bookcase challenges the constructs of time with its irregularity.


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