REJO is a design studio based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Palestine, founded in 2017 by Reem Olyan and Jumana Qasem in 2017.

Known for their unique and bold pieces that combine the simplicity of the abstract lines and shapes with artful gestures and fine material, REJO’s collections are rooted in concepts of identity and influenced by their environment.

Inspired by their time in quarantine, their new collection, Hug represents a time to reflect and reconnect. Featuring a new chair and bookcase, the collection offers a sense of solitude and respite ‘inspite of craziness running a mock in the real world’.

Debuting at the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, the collection is also a sum of opposites: whilst the armchair is presented as an oasis of calm and comfort, the bookcase with its irregular, more organic elements alludes to times when its ok not to have our lives entirely organized.