Pedrali’s 2020 collection offered expressive solutions for wellness, comfort and sustainability.

This year, the Italian brand known for their expressive designs for the contract and residential sectors introduced new furniture products, family extensions and collaborations, both for the indoors as well as outdoors.

Continuing to build upon their renowned high quality and aesthetics, Pedrali focus on new versions of products made entirely from recycled materials, including: Eugeni Quitllet’s Remind chair and Odo Fioravanti’s Babila XL in ‘recycled grey’ editions.

Designed by Sebastian Herkner, the new Blume collection featured an armchair and accompanying coffee table sets – all guided by craftsmanship that blends traditional artisan skills with new production technologies.

The Toa table by Robin Rizzini is a masterful composition of innovative materials and production processes founded on coherence and rationality. Discarding unnecessary materiality and embellishment, the table exalts in its industrial-luxe detailing.

Inspired by the Mediterranean coastline, the Panarea collection by CMP Design complements patrick jouin’s Ila armchair, offering interior and exterior solutions with a relaxed, informal feel.

Characterized by a pastel palette that is further refined with a restrained material selection and luxurious details, Pedrali’s 2020 offering is at once, both exuberant and restrained – the perfect blend for timeless design.



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