A façade of 'solar leaves' forms NUDES' sustainable observation tower concept.

At the forefront of sustainable design, Indian architectural design studio NUDES has designed a net-zero energy observatory tower that addresses issues surrounding climate change.

Similar to the studio’s forest school proposal, the project is characterized by a cylindrical volume with an array of protruding balconies or decks wherein people can enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. The crown of the tower is topped by a glass capsule for all weather conditions, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the breathtaking landscape.

This building with a green soul is fine example of modular architecture consisting of prefabricated cells made of steel and wood as well as ‘solar leaves’ that attribute to the self-sufficiency of the building, allowing the building to maintain its autonomy.

While innovative and sustainability take center stage, the studio also aims to integrate the complex within its surround landscape.


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