LWK+Partner’s journal Red Envelope is a source of shared design industry knowledge, offering a window into the various themes at play in both emerging and established markets.

Drawing from Chinese and Southeast Asian societies, which share the custom of giving gifts in red envelopes, LWK + PARTNERS' journal Red Envelope, is a three-part series that seeks to freely share thought and insight on the industry.

The debut ‘Red Envelope’ focuses on urban planning and regeneration, exploring their role as a facilitator of the human experience. “The work of the architect is a work of imagination, yet it cannot simply be a dominating gaze, an act of whim, or, conversely, a sacrifice at the altar of commercial interest alone,” says Kerem Cengiz – MENA Managing Director.

The journals are a global chronicle of the people, places, and ideas that aim high, deliver innovation, challenge the conventions, and force us all to reevaluate our own perceptions. The essays operate within the disciplines of the built environment while furthering interdisciplinary understanding across horizons.

“The theme for the launch issue of the journal encapsulates a wide variety of disciplines and urban forms, and this journal is an ode to that wealth of diversity,” says Rima Alsammarae the renowned and editor of LWK + PARTNERS' journal Red Envelope.

Envelope 01 features a vast cross-section of stories. From emergency planning in India to local artists in Sudan beautifying their streets in a post-Revolution Khartoum, the stories share design industry knowledge through anecdotes and documentation of architectural and urban history. LWK + PARTNERS' Design Director, Kourosh Salehi, addresses very prescient challenges around global security, and how natural and man-made disasters have always shaped the planning of cities. Mohamed Adel Dessouki, an assistant professor of architecture at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology explores the lives of the world’s oldest planned, still inhabited street which continues to reflect the ongoing transformations of an ever-evolving city.

LWK + PARTNERS established its MENA studio in Dubai in 2018, positioning the company as a global design, innovation, and knowledge leader in the fields of architecture, design, and planning. At Downtown Design 2019, their installation, Cool Contemporary China, was imagined as a dynamic canvas expressing the diversity of every day Chinese life and culture. With the Red Envelope, LWK + PARTNERS offer fresh glimpses and aspirations in both emerging and established markets.


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