Supported by Ideal Standard, Kapil Bhimekar’s first 3D artwork ‘I Hear You’ is an interactive installation welcoming visitors to speak their hearts out; a reminder of the human desire to be heard.

What if you had a story to tell but no one to tell it to? What if you had a joke to crack, but no one around one to laugh at it? If you had a question to ask, but no one there to answer, or a secret to share, but no one to whisper it to? These are questions that evoked Kapil Bhimekar's interactive installation ‘I hear you’, an immersive installation that carries sound and emphasizes the need for community and communication, offline.

In a world where interaction happens through emojis, LOLs and OMGs, ticks turning blue and wordless "reactions", ‘I hear you’ is a reminder of the human desire to be heard and an invitation to share our love, anger, admiration, frustration.