A collection of four interior surfaces, each distinct and of innovative design. 

Calling them the ‘most daring textures on the market’, Cosentino released their latest innovations under the Dekton range, titled ‘The Collection’.

With the intention of inspiring people through innovative design and versatility, the new iteration of the Dekton family is comprised of four product lines: Liquid, Chromica, Avant-Garde and Portfolio.

While each collection has its own distinctive personality, they all intertwine and complement one another offering a wide range of designs for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Designed by the London-based studio PATTERNITY, the Liquid series captures the fluidity and elegance of nature within its design by adopting natural materials and palettes that create a subtle texture and visual movement.

In contrast, the Chromica series features solid colours of Feroe greens and Baltic blues, encapsulating the essence of the natural world. Developed in collaboration with Daniel Germani Designs, the series emulates a smooth yet rich quality with unique colors for surfaces, the type of hue one can use to design a whole room around.

The most classic of the collection is the Portfolio series, featuring designs that will suit a wide variety of interior projects and can adapt to any space with its natural tones and easy style. ‘Less is more: a scale of colors to suit any project perfectly,’ describes Cosentino. ‘The versatility of the monochromatic style, with sophisticated touches from Portfolio‘20, will conquer design lovers.’

The most cutting-edge range from the collection, the Avant-Garde series is featured in three distinct colours which play with different chromatic textures and hues which will add the wow factor to any space.


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