Arguably the most intuitive piece in Herman Miller’s already impressive portfolio of ergonomic design, their latest, the Cosm chair is already an icon in the making. Designed by the Berlin-based Studio 7.5, the chair responds to the changing work environment.

As more organizations transition into co-working modules, flexi-time options and hot desks gain momentum, the chair is no longer dedicated to an individual. This means, in addition to advanced ergonomic support that Herman Miller have already made de rigueur to the industry, the chair needs to offers easy adaptability for a wide range of users and uses.

Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic tilt mechanism rapidly adapts to the body, weight distribution and seating position of the user lending everyone balance and comfort. Its leaf like suspension armrests – an industry first - strategically cradle the elbow.

Studio 7.5 built and tested prototypes using 3D printing technology that blended aluminum dust and resin to create mechanically sound components. As a result, Cosm is as aesthetically pleasing as it is technologically advanced.

Herman Miller is presented at Downtown Design 2018 by Advanced Business Concept LLC