The Beirut-based designer approaches each project with the eyes of a gallerist.

Claude Missir’s work veers toward a zen-like simplicity. The otherwise minimal and often symmetric spaces are revved up by his masterful selection of vibrant art and unexpected sculpture, curated to offset handpicked contemporary and retro furniture. In keeping with the codes of the French Modernist designers from the 1930s, he explores spaces as set designs, marrying flowing profiles with clean lines, monochrome with bursts of colour and bringing disparate eras together with panache.

From prestigious Parisian homes to coveted neighborhoods in Jordan, from bespoke schemes for luxury yachts and hotels to creating sculptures for Nilufar Gallery Milano, Missir’s signature is evident in all that he does.

Private Residence │ Beirut, Lebanon

Located in the westernmost district of Beirut, overlooking one of the city’s most famous landmarks and with the captivating azure shores of the Mediterranean, this art-filled triplex comes features a predominantly neutral palette, brought to life with distinctive furniture and art pieces to create a strong visual impact. 

Private Residence Paris, France

For this apartment in Paris’ desirable seventh arrondissement, Missir’s design intent centered on achieving harmony between with the cultural, artistic, and historic elements of its neighborhood, and a contemporary way of life. An ode to his deft hand and a sharp eye, a sense of calm permeates the house, even as a multitude of finishes, styles, and art abound.

Private Residence  Beirut, Lebanon

Situated in Beirut’s upscale Solidere neighbourhood, what was once a diplomatic office has been transformed into light-filled residence featuring retro Scandinavian and iconic Italian pieces, vibrant sculptures, and colorful art. Missir’s artful curation of the client’s collection lends this gallery-esque space an accessible, lived-in appeal.

Private ResidenceParis, France

Nestled in a beautiful Haussmann-style building, this sleek home is fashioned with a skillful mix of elegant simplicity and sophisticated minimalism. Combining modern and vintage furnishings in neutral tones and contemporary artworks in vivid colours, Missir effortlessly demonstrates a firm grasp and heartfelt appreciation for the ethos of the Modernist era.


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