With KIDA, Stephen Burks has designed a hanging lounge chair as delightful to look at as to use.

The first collection to be wrapped rather than woven in 834 meters of DEDON special Fiber Touch, Kida it features a cradle-like organic form that's open, airy, light and inviting. Once inside, users can luxuriate in Kida's comfy cushion, which covers the entire seating area.

In conceiving KIDA, Burks sought to reinvent the hanging chair. Drawing inspiration from his close collaboration with DEDON's master weavers in the Philippines, he developed a design that looks and feels less enclosed. ‘The magic of being in the factory and challenging everybody to find unfamiliar ways of doing things that give a fresh and uniquely DEDON feeling to the collection is always my mission’ Burks says. 

With its organically shaped frame of powder-coated aluminum, Kida is lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy. The collection comes in three-striped colorways: multi-colored and vibrant, Glow Touch is an inviting mélange that exudes a fun and playful character, whilst Ease Touch, an elegant and neutral bicolor, focuses the attention on the hanging armchair’s form and Dusk Touch offers a striking contrast through its accented and dark colorway.

Whether attached to its optional base or suspended using the included hanging kit from a beam, bough, or other secure position, Kida provides a place in which to sit, swing and relax.


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