Among the newest collections introduced by Brokis is PLANETS by Vrtiška & Žák, expanding its collaborative efforts with yet another exceptional Czech design duo.   

Czech-based lighting manufacturer, Brokis is well known for their forward- thinking decorative lamps and traditional techniques of hand blowing that appear more as a work of art than just a lamp.

At the Downtown Design Digital Fair 2020, Brokis presented its latest collection, Planets designed by Vrtiška & Žák. The collection featured a system of weights and pulleys, wherein various parts of the fixture can be moved in a safe and free manner. The collection is available in three distinct shapes; sphere, cone, and capsule- finished off in a matte black, monochromatic appearance that accentuates its graphic character.

In conjunction, they also showcased the SFERA collection, updating the humble spherical lamp with a shape and decisive cut.

Accentuating the aesthetic expression and structure of Brokis Glass, the Geometric collection by Boris Klimek & Lenka Damova urpasses its primary function as a lighting fixture and opens the door to large-format blocks of light and other uncommon compositions.

The presentation also included the Ivy collection and Bonbori a collection of lamps designed by designer Fumie Shibata and insipired by Japanese paper lanterns.


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