The designer embraces the irregularities found in nature to create breathtaking lighting installations in fine bone china.

Working with natural materials inherently opens artisans and designers to be more accepting of the odd randomness in their work. However, even as Andreea works with phosphatic porcelain, the only source for an anomaly in her creations lies in her muse – nature.

As she reflects the beauty and complexity of the natural world through the overall composition of her installations, she consciously erases regularities and manufacturing nonconformities from their individual elements. Collaborating with exceptional artists and technicians, she meticulously crafts each detail of her large-scale works.

Her team consistently pushes boundaries of what is possible with porcelain in order to capture nature's fluid yet incredibly strong lines and its organic gesture authentically.

When fired, these petals and leaves are rendered a soft and warm translucence that brings the installation to life when illuminated.