In a time when our connection to nature and the outside world has been unimaginably restrained, the French maison's latest collection for the home brings nature in with style and exuberance.

At once functional and authentic to the brand’s signature, Hermès’ latest home collection conjures images of bustling cities, lush forests and journeys to far-away lands. Conveyed through clean lines, geometric patterns and vibrant textiles, the French Maison’s 10th collection for the home also nods to simple, everyday acts of creation with designs developed through the use of ballpoint and felt-tip pens, colored pencil and watercolor, among other mediums.

"This year, we offer drawings highlighting the sensitivity to nature and the environment, to the beauty of the elements, the vegetation but also a reflection on the adequacy between urban and nature" says Florence Lafarge, the Creative Director of Hermès Home Textiles.

Complimenting iconic pieces such as Jasper Morrison’s 1997 chair with a table and armchair, and presenting new pieces that nod to Hermès’ equestrian heritage and mastery of leather crafts, the collection is unassuming yet sophisticated, the complexities of which are visible to the informed eye. The Hippodrome coffee table designed by Normal Studio is a fine example: covered in bridle leather and oak, with a gently hollowed top and contoured edge, the rather contemporary design brilliantly echoes the exceptional skills of the craftsmen behind them.

The new collection also features a series of hand-embroidered rugs with fine cotton cord embroidery designed by Gianpaolo Pagni alongside decorative vases, trays and centerpeices draped in matte leather and contrasted with lacquer or wood. 

With decorated porcelain tops and colourful motifs, the Les Trotteuses d’Hermès side table is an homage to the nomadic spirit of the collection. Fastened with bridle-leather straps and a wooden base in solid oak that folds in, the table can be effortlessly moved around the house.

Nothing quite compares to the exuberance of the wallcoverings created by Thibaut Rassat. Charting an entirely new path in wallpaper design, he embarked on a week-long tour starting from the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district and returned with sketches depicting this typical Parisian environment in eye-catching detail. Adding to these architectural drawings a chessboard and its riders - symbols of Hermes' affection for the game and horses -  a new composition, Quatre Cavaliers, was created. It ultimately resulted in a collection of wallpaper that offers a pictorial journey through Mediterranean towns and colourful mountains.


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