Studio Palatin is a young innovative brand led by founder and artist/designer Barbara Palatin-Doyle that specialises in limited edition, handmade, sculptural lighting with an emphasis on the design and creation of floor/table lamps and candlesticks.

Using materials and methods passed down from the fine craftsmanship of the 17th and 18th centuries to mix usefulness with art and modern design, she produces functional, contemporary lighting art using materials like porcelain, silver, gold, glass, handmade Japanese paper (Hosho). The collections that Studio Palatin produces are made to last as heirlooms of the future.

At the fair this year Studio Palatin will be introducing their latest SURCULUS Collection; a trio of three wireless LED table lamps. The body of each lamp is executed as a bronze sculpture using the lost wax method. The collection combines the old traditions of handcrafted bronze as well as new technology. In addition, the studio will showcase the CHARTA collection – shapes originally sculpted from plain brown packing paper but then cast in white porcelain turning them into luxury object

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