The BICAchair has probably been the most recognizable Portuguese design of all time. Created by Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos and Master Serafim in 1950, it became a masterpiece known nowadays by the Portuguese Chair. With simple lines and perfect proportions, it is a normal presence in terraces and cafés all across the country.

Considered by many as the perfect chair, full of passionate and proud followers who played a key role in keeping it’s soul alive for so many decades. In an attempt to reinvent the perfect chair, the new version of BICAchair features modern technological increments and advanced finishing techniques now applied to this model.

BICAchair intends to continue its legacy by reinventing the chair to live indoors. Bringing the typical Portuguese spirit of well-being and getting together, into our homes, but in a more intimate and personalized way.

At Downtown Design 2021,This brand was presented by the Associative Design (AIIMP)

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