Mariana Webhe is a renowned public relations and media executive. Based between Beirut and recently Dubai, Webhe has been credited with some of the most ambitious contracts the region has seen. Her ability to identify and harness talent; envision and produce world-class projects has earned her a glowing reputation as an authority on brand development, event management and production in the region.

Drawing on her professional experience, cultural knowledge and global network, it is Wehbe's work with raw and promising talent that she finds equally rewarding. Over the years she has identifies, mentored, guided and launched a number of emerging designers with potential for intentional success. Wehbe's keen eye and entrepreneurial process enables her to position these brands in creative and innovative ways, with the goal of proceeding them with much needed scale and promising opportunities in new markets.

The Beirut Store is a highly curates celebration of Lebanese design that will open its doors to the public at Dubai Editions, thanks to the generosity and support of Dubai Design Week. Spearheaded by Mariana Wehbe's Public Relations, the Beirut Store aims to challenge the norm, with a disruptive approach to showcasing the considerable Lebanese design talent, with an impressive range of accessible and unique products.

The Beirut Museum store aims to create experiential journey into the heart of the Lebanese design scene, with a collective of products that run the gamut from ceramics and product design, to books and small gift items.All under one roof, to tell Lebanon's story of beauty, sophisticated design and most importantly resilience. The body of work will only further accentuated by the impressive selenography of Designer Rumi Dalle, whose work with Hermes for over 7 years strands as a testament to her creativity and diligence. Together the individual talents will tell their personal stories of Beirut one product at a time. Visitors can expect a menagerie of beautifully designed products, showcased in the most impressive light; symbolic of Lebanon and its people.

The list of designers/artists participating at Downtown Design 2021 are:

Namika Atelier by Hala Matta, Nathalie Khayat, Souraya Haddad, Lina Shamma, Zein Daouk Jabr, Atelier Nadeen by Nadine Roufael, Maria Halios, Art of Boo, Beirut Je T'aime, Cut Paste Build, Fadia Ahmad Photogprahy, OhmyHappiness, The Houses of Beirut, 1/One Over Studio, Adrian Pepe, Carlo/Marylynn Massoud, Post Industrial Crafts, Rumi Dalle, Samer Bour Rjeily, SpockDesign by Karim Chaya, Studio Caramel, Studio Manda, Yakin, The Table Series, Alex Bassil, Antoine Guekjian, Architecture et M, Borgi Bastormaji, Elie Morcos, Isabella/Nour, Karel/Sasha, Laetitia Jbeilli, Marc Baroud, Marc Dibeh, Michelle Chaya, Nada Debs, Omar Bassil, Paolo Sakr, Rania Abliilama, Sarah Sioufi, Sayar & Garibeh, Shaha Raphael, Tatiana Akl, Thomas Trad, Yara Boulos, Youssef Bassil, Zeina Bassil.