Winter Collection at Downtown Design

Downtown Design

Winter Collection at Downtown Design

With Christmas and New Year around the corner Downtown Design revels in what the world of design has to offer.

Winter spells everything from luxury, comfort in grey and white tones to red and gold spreading festive cheer. Downtown Design celebrates this time of the year with a selection of brands that bring the season indoors:

Winter 1

The Sushi Seat by Edward Van Vliet for Moroso: Traditional colors, architectural forms and floral patterns make this piece a firm favorite for this season.

Winter 3

The Rolf Benz 8770 is a collection of coffee and side tables that spell refined luxury with its clean lines and gold applique effect.

Winter 2The SHORTTAIL Rocking Chair by Escape from Sofa Designed by Kerem Erçin & Mahmut Kefeli is the perfect handcrafted piece that spells individuality and craftsmanship coupled with memory inducing design. 

Winter 4

Christmas Wreath candleholder by designer Helena Rohner for Georg Jensen. Part of the Christmas Collectibles this piece is a symbol of hospitality that greets friends and family during the Christmas season. Inspired by the smooth organic forms of the leaves of the magnolia tree it sits between the frost magic of the outdoors and the rich colorful interior of the home. 

Winter 5

The CLASSIC collection by Siematic is a multi-faceted collection that celebrates the mutual combination of timeless elegance and a cozy atmosphere. The collection stands for distinctly subtle design featuring extravagant elements: glass and gloss provide lightness and transparency, while contoured fronts provide a classic feel. The style of the collection also features various aluminum and stainless steel cabinet models in a matte, brushed or glossy finish. When inventively combined, this mix of styles yields a unique and timeless look.

Winter 6

MOOD by Christofle is conceived as a decorative object which brings brightness to a kitchen or a living-room. Shaking up the classic code of table setting with a new concept, MOOD by Christofle is a beautiful piece that adds sparkle to the table and when open is a streamlined contemporary silver-plated service for six.

Winter 7

The Espinoza entertainment cabinet by Bernhardt is a true beauty with its exterior being crafted with goatskin or parchment. Crafting these pieces starts with a wooden frame that is sanded and finished with a stain that serves as the shaded background for the goatskin or parchment. The parchment is then cut to size and laminated by hand - one piece at a time — by trained and skilled craftsmen. With natural variations in the parchment and the hand-application, each piece will be unique.

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