Proudly designed and manufactured in the United Arab Emirates, furniture pieces offered by Dachah Studio are limited and one-of-a-kind, making them a distinct and special addition to any space they adorn.

The Qurs stool, inspired from a traditional baked good in the Arabian Gulf known as Qurs Ugaili incorporates elements resembling the Arabian Iqal, the traditional headpiece worn by men in the Gulf to secure their Ghetra, the traditional headdress. The circular shape of the stool resembles the Gulf in various aspects and offers a sense of security despite its unique form.

The Kuthub Chair is designed to challenge the conventional chair shape drawing inspiration from the gentle curves of the sand dunes. Though its sleek design proves to be visually appealing, it also intended to evoke a sense of discomfort; symbolizing the challenges of the harsh environment in the desert lands.

The San Side Table, inspired by human beings, is taken from the Arabic word for human, Insan. The side table takes the form of a human lower body, mirroring its perfectly imperfect curves.