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The Solaire Lounge by Veuve Clicquot at Downtown Design 2022 showcased an exclusive collection of the Maison’s most emblematic objects, re-edited sustainably.

The main lounge at Downtown Design 2022 was hosted by Veuve Clicquot, celebrating their 250 anniversary and presenting a pop-up concept that will engage visitors with events and creative experiences, with a unique food pairing brought by the bright, café style menu of The Lighthouse and the reinvention of the ICONIC Veuve Clicquot burger, inspired by the 1960’s poster.

In celebration of this heritage, ‘THE ICONS” are a quartet of the House’s most emblematic objects, each of which tells a part of Veuve Clicquot’s story. Based on the House belief that highly functional packaging can be transformed into a unique, desirable object as an integral part of our art de vivre, these new products pay tribute to the Maison’s love for beautiful and functional objects, re-edited with sustainability in mind.

“The 250th anniversary of the Maison is an opportunity to share with the whole world our incredible heritage around the Clicquot culture and its exceptionally rich know-how and design,” says Jean-Marc Gallot, CEO of Veuve Clicquot.

The collection, like all Veuve Clicquot products moving forward, has been designed to last and is now plastic free, 100% recyclable, with greenhouse gas emissions way inferior to the previous editions (reedition of the Clicquot Ice Jacket accounts for - 96% GHG), in alignment with Veuve Clicquot commitments to reduce by 50% its emissions by 2030.

Through continued support and presence in the design space, the House of Veuve Clicquot was proud to collaborate with Delfina Cortese of Delfina Design, as she debuted with an installation at Downtown Design. A 90sqm maze is constructed with dreamy, iridescent glass that changes colour as the light moves through it, creating rainbows that evoke memories of childhood, in contrast with the sharp architectural structure that is evocative of Delfina’s signature approach.

The structure of the glass maze acted as a physical metaphor for the idea that something good, our real pleasures in life, should be earned and appreciated, while the materials and creative direction are inspired by the joyful moments.