TRIBE is an ethical company sourcing from over 25 Countries. Their handmade and sustainable material Collection of homeware, furniture, designer rugs and lighting perfectly hums together with a fresh and light neutral palette and is constantly evolving as new collaborations are born and travelling adventures bring delights from all over the world.

The creative force behind Tribe is Australian designer, Jo England who spent her career as a senior designer in corporate branding, then took a creative leap developing property and honing her interior design skills. Jo redesigned numerous derelict properties and turned them into beautiful light-filled homes, re-planning the space with plunge pools, indoor trees, vaulted ceilings, sunken TV rooms and crafted each feature from kitchen tiles, dining tables and barn doors. This has naturally paved the path to sourcing pieces that she loves and curating the beautiful collection that is Tribe.

Tribe represents a passion for empowering artists and the generation old skills of the craftspeople that hand make our products. 

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