Tacchini unveils the culture of beauty that is based on research and designs, ideas, arts and people.

It showcases the dual spirit of the brand – the comfort of traditional methods, artisanal excellence that has consistently made Tacchini a benchmark in the Made in Italy landscape and outlines its fundamental values, and its innovative vision projected into the future, led by the pure ideal of creativity in all its forms, and determined to constantly transform itself in the quest for as yet unexplored horizons.

The idea of flight as a metaphor for creative freedom is the conceptual fabric from which the products in the new Tacchini collection arise – emblematic of emancipation from fleeting fashions and the celebration of timeless, de-contextualized creative intuition.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Tacchini launched their new collection in the GCC entitled Journal Collection.

The new collection features: Polar Alcove and Foat Ottomans inspired by the blocks of ice that float in the waters of the North Sea, the Matera sectional system by Maltese designer, Gordon Guillaumier and Five to Nine, a new proposal for daybeds by Milan-based Studiopepe, that draws inspiration from 1900s scenic designs that portrayed a place for creative escape.

In the Middle East, Tacchini is presented by Al Shaya Enterprises.

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