DesignKraft is a Dubai based designer-maker of playful, functional and sustainable furniture, lighting & objects.

We are proudly made in the UAE with an emphasis on local production and circularity via our Design for Life program, which offers clients a permanent avenue to reimagine or recycle any piece designed through us.

As one of the only designer-makers in the UAE, we look to exhibit top-of-the-line craftmanship at our workshop, guided by a bold and unique design vision. In addition to our own collections, we also take on bespoke commission and commercial work, on a select basis.

At Downtown Design 2021, Design Kraft launched a new capsule collection entitled "Hallucinations". 

The collection will comprise of functional objects that take an organic, meandering form, drawing inspiration from nature & ceramics to create a new sort of craft, something rooted in hand work & detail but employing modern tools & materials.

A ‘modern craft’ to create objects that draw their own attention and perhaps begin a conversation about responsible production and conscious consumption.