It started back in 1990 with the creation of an innovative fiber, luxurious to the touch yet tough enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. 

What followed was a revolution in outdoor living, driven by an obsession with quality, a flair for design and a passion for life under the open skies.

Dedon furniture has set the standard for quality, artistry and innovation ever since. Unique within the outdoor industry, Dedon owns and operates the entire supply chain of its woven collections, from fiber production in Germany to furniture manufacturing on the Philippine island of Cebu.

In addition to its iconic handwoven furniture, the company offers innovative, award-winning collections in teak, upholstery and more. Represented in over 80 countries, Dedon works with more than 1,000 people and maintains showrooms worldwide.

At the Downtown Design 2020 Digital Fair, Dedon presented their new collection titled KIDA and an update of their DALA Collection by Stephen Burks.

Alongside, showcasing four latest updates of: MBRACE Collection by Sebastian Herkner, TIBBO Collection by Edward Barber & JayOsgerby, PORCINI Collection by Lorenza Bozzol and SEALINE Collection by Jean-Marie Massaud.

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