Founded in 2011 by Gorazd Malacic, Tokio prides itself on being a new design brand with a contemporary vision free of the cumbersome weight of heritage and tradition that might cloud its stylistic judgment and ultimate design output.

The result is a futuristic take on smart home objects that push back against the rigid confines of what is seen as trendy or simply of the moment in today’s contemporary design landscape.

Tokio is a contemporary design brand with a focus on technically top-end products for today’s thinking individual with an eye to the future. Their products are designed with Japanese inspired refinement, simplicity, detail and high-end technology, then made with the precision of skilled craftsmen. All these considerations ensure the timeless look and are the first choice of business, academic, scientific and artistic professionals alike.

At Downtown Design 2021, Asobi and Tokio launched new designs from their existing "TRI light collection- TRI Totem Big" "L&S", "TRI totem table" and a new standard "TRI18".