Artemide opens up important research issues connected with photonics and new technologies to outline a future vision, a new way to interpret and experience light.

The company is moving towards the new frontiers of design where the core is no longer just the product as such but new intelligence of management: smart and digital management systems, Internet of Things, sensors, app, LIFI, as well as the design of true software applications.

At the Downtown Design Digital Fair 2020, Artemide launched Flexia.

Flexia has been designed to improve the quality of the environments, generating an efficient combination for all lighting needs; its light, versatile design fits transversely into all contexts in which acoustic and visual well-being needs to be assured. The juxtaposition of multiple modules can shape environments based on the principles of perfectly balanced light and sound.

Flexia develops through the visual space in a game of optical perceptions: when switched off, the lamp is ethereal and invisible; on, it becomes material, transforming into a solid made of light.

Flexia is the first product designed by Mario Cucinella for Artemide.


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