Motivated by how good design can support and nurture relationships between people, their networks and their tasks, Italian company Arper create human-centric furniture and furnishings for community, work and home.

The Italian furniture maker presents two new seating solutions that are rooted in the ethos of circular design.

Founded in 1989 by the Feltrin family, Arper has remained at the forefront of product design, thanks to an innate commitment to innovation and experimentation, and a genuine understanding of the interconnectedness between people, spaces and environments.

This year, they reveal two collections that embody the brand’s concern for the planet in a smart, chic and future-forward manner.

Developed in collaboration with Barcelona-based design consultancy Lievore + Altherr Désile Park, the Adell chair features a textured plastic shell that is made of 80% recycled plastic. Available in a range of colours, the shell can be fitted with either wooden or metal legs and upholstered – fully or partially - in a variety of different fabrics.

Marking the brand’s long-term partnership with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the Aston Club wing chair evolves the original Aston concept and features internal parts made of post-industrial waste plastic. Both the chair and its new footrest are fabricated such that they can be fully deconstructed for recycling or refurbishment at the end of their lifetime

Arper is part of Downtown Design’s Digital Fair in partnership with the UAE dealer Jalapeno Trading.

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